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Moses Karanja has been commenting on Africa’s socio-political trends since 2005. He has been involved in the coverage of a broad range of countries, including Somalia, Kenya, The Sudans, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. He focuses on National Security, Geopolitics and Technology.

Karanja has served as an editor to Kenyan Affairs, a bi-annual publication with a bias on Kenya and the Horn of African region. He is a contributor to leading publications in Kenya and the Horn of Africa including The EastAfrican, The Standard and The Nation. He has also moderated academic and policy discussions on Elections, Security, Public Opinions and Crowd Sourcing.

Karanja received his Bachelor and Masters degrees in Political Science from the University of Nairobi.

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African View
AU’s Dilemma in Regulating Use of Continent’s Expanding Cyberspace
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By Mose Karanja
African View
Nairobi: A City Under Siege
In a span of six months, Nairobi has lost over 100 live...
By Mose Karanja
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